The opposite of investigation is assuming.

Assuming that we already know how things are; this cuts off the oxygen in our minds, and cuts off the oxygen in our hearts as well.



We can find out by ourselves what is conducive to effectiveness and happiness by investigating beneath the level of our everyday thinking. Exploring the landscape of our mind we observe our habitual tendencies and their impact on our life.


Our mind is like a puppy, unable to sit still for a moment, constantly distracted. It is a junky needing to be entertained all the time. Mind training is about gently befriending our mind to gradually make it follow the direction we choose.


We rely upon our mind for everything we do, feel and think. But how much do we invest in it? How well do we look after it? Simple practices allow us to be more present, more often, so that we can meet the moment with alertness and humanity.

Who We Are

Our international team of skilled facilitators combine their multidisciplinary experience with mindfulness meditation training and a long history of personal meditation practice to develop tailor-made, results-focused programmes to suit our client’s needs.

Our Clients

Our clients include multinational companies as well as small firms, mainly in France, Portugal, the UK and Spain. Mindfulness programmes are also facilitated for the general public and children, either in a one-to-one format or in groups.


Find out what our clients think
"Mathieu is unrivalled when it comes to changing an organisation. In our case, building consensus, he managed to influence reluctant people and bring everyone to one clear objective."

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