Real help means helping people to access their own ideas.



Mathieu Gerardin is a Certified Business Coach facilitating results-oriented, non-directive interventions.

He uses simple and practical coaching tools to identify and develop his clients’ skills while bringing awareness on blind spots and unhelpful strategies.

He can provide theoretical material on management practice, organisational behaviour and the like, which is tailored to his clients’ needs.

If requested, Mathieu integrates mindfulness exercises into the coaching process, as a way to create more space for personal investigation.

More About Who We Are


The coaching process is a structured intervention.

A ‘chemistry meeting’ is organised before the intervention starts.

Goals are set jointly with the executive and the sponsoring manager (and the HR/L&D department, if applicable).

Interventions typically run over a 6-month period, with one session a month.

Results are assessed in a closing session, usually in the presence of the sponsoring manager (and the HR/L&D department, if applicable).

Conversations are strictly confidential.


A recently promoted partner of a major UK law firm sent to Dubai to oversee the local office.

The M&A Director of a CAC-40 company transitioning to managing a Business Unit.

The Digital Director of a major building and high-performance materials group exploring his next career move.

Work with the CEO of an SME taken over by a multinational willing to define his role in the new organisation.

Interpersonal skills and self-confidence reinforcement for a recently promoted Sales Director of a technology firm.



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