From thoughts come actions.

From actions come all sort of consequences. In which thoughts will you invest?



Armelle Carminati-Rabasse (French)
Unibail-Rodamco, Chief Resources Officer

“Our group wanted to enhance its culture transformation program. Mathieu designed a pilot cursus targeting our top talent, who are fast-trackers and exposed to intense business situations at an early age.
With the intent to harvest from this successful stage, we then extended the pilot to a country leadership team as well as to the top management level. The feedbacks have been strikingly positive so far.”

Gerwin van der Horst (Dutch)
Philips, Commercial Director Tenders Europe

“Mathieu is an extremely good listener and is able to flawlessly analyze the verbal and non-verbal communication which allows him to ask the right questions.
We managed to cover an extensive range of topics, for example:
improving professional work relations, personal health and work-life balance. The outcome was always very practical, yet effective and has benefited me enormously.
I wholeheartedly can recommend Mathieu as a coach.”

Olivier Jonvel (French)
Leroy Merlin Italy, CEO

“Mathieu managed to make me clearly identify my main challenges.
The sessions were efficient and structured by his constant references to theoretical material and technics.
His quest to personal balance makes him an expert in self-development.
His style is calm, his listening qualitative, his speech right and his reasoning as well as his intelligence very powerful.”

Thomas Stark (German)
Living Brands Portugal, Operations Director

“I had the pleasure to work with Mathieu for 6 months. I experienced a professional who is gifted with asking challenging questions, listening carefully and focusing clearly on the areas of improvement.
He is structured, clear, inspiring and provides very powerful examples for current challenges (…). Due to the coaching with Mathieu (...) the whole company feel the impact and get inspired.
I fully recommend Mathieu to anyone who wants to develop himself or needs a coach to deal with his challenges.”

Jean André (French)
Bonnaffons & André, Founder

“In the beginning of 2013, I faced a critical choice.
I was involved in a partnership program within an international law firm and had the opportunity to set my own practice.
With a very human and personal approach, Mathieu quickly understood what frightened me most. He helped me to identify what people expected from me and to get rid of my irrational fears.
I then gradually realised what choice was best for me… I am now the owner of a successful law firm and I owe Mathieu a lot for that.
When the next challenge will appear, I will not hesitate to call him for help!”

Filipe Serzedelo (Portuguese)

“Mathieu is unrivalled when it comes to changing an organisation.
In our case, building consensus, he managed to influence reluctant people and bring everyone to one clear objective.”

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