Who We Are

Our international team of skilled facilitators has experience across a number of sectors, including corporate team management, executive coaching, mindfulness meditation, finance, sport, yoga and shiatsu, combined with mindfulness meditation training and a long history of personal meditation practice. We combine our multidisciplinary knowledge to provide tailor-made, results-focused solutions for our clients, that are based on mindfulness, emotional intelligence & cutting-edge neuroscience.
We work in English, French & Portuguese.

Mathieu Gerardin is a Certified Business Coach combining 15 years of international management experience with expertise in mindfulness training and executive coaching. He empowers his clients to improve their efficiency and balance.
Lucy Gluckman Gerardin draws on her corporate management experience, research and formal protocols such as the MBSR and SIYLI Engage programmes, to develop and facilitate Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence programmes for clients.
Patricia draws on her knowledge and practice of shiatsu massage, foot reflexology, mindfulness and Chinese medicine, to help clients flourish. She has been practicing and studying yoga, meditation, Oriental philosophies and meditation for the last 15 years.
Albin has been co-facilitating corporate mind training programs since 2015, helping managers and employees to reduce stress, improve their productivity and have a more positive mindset. He also co-authors and publishes papers in his field.

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